Experienced, Personal Project Management

Experienced, Personal Project Management

Experienced, Personal Project ManagementExperienced, Personal Project ManagementExperienced, Personal Project Management

Converting your 'Project Wish List' into your 'Project Done' list!

About Us

We get it!

KOJA Consulting is a project management company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We’re experts in:

  • Business Systems
  • Documentation + Procedure Manuals
  • Special Projects
  • Training the Team

We specialize in projects that “simmer below the surface”. These may or may not be projects with definite deadlines but rather ones that when left unsolved, result in long-term detrimental effects on your organization. 

If there is a problem within your business that stops you from getting things done efficiently and is impeding your long-term growth, KOJA can help.

Principal and Lead Project Manager

Mel Ifada is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who has more than 20 years of working in the project management field. She has worked in various industries such as Architecture and Engineering, Corporate Finance – dealing with Mergers and Acquisitions – and Marketing for Liquor Distributors.

Mel has always been drawn to being organized, project-oriented, and having efficient systems in place. Throughout her career, peers and management quickly realized that if something needed to be done, “Mel will get it done right”. Formally moving into project management was a natural and easy progression.

Her belief in investigating solutions, configuring systems to work with the business instead of against and comprehensive training for her team enable her to expertly lead a project through completion. Mel believes in constantly looking for a “better way” to do things and passing that knowledge on so that others “know how to fish” too.

What's in a name?

KOJA is an anagram of the middle name initials of Mel, her partner, and her two children – Family, as well as Teams, are important to us.

Why should you outsource project management?

If your internal team is already overwhelmed or lacks the right skill set, then you should hire a contracted project manager. Moreover, an outsourced PMP will be able to bring a new perspective to the table and won’t be limited by “how it’s always been done”. 

Why should you hire KOJA?

KOJA takes pride in our personal approach to project management and we have a wide array of skills and experience in the field. We also prioritize clear communication and diligent documentation in every facet of our working relationship with you.

Furthermore, our services are project-based, meaning that we are more cost-effective than hiring a new employee and thus no overhead expenses. Additionally, based on your needs and the demands of your projects, we are flexible to work around your schedule.

The success of each individual project is as important to us as it is to you!

How big or small of a project can KOJA take on?

We are open to project scopes of all sizes. Often, we find that once initially hired, KOJA is brought back to do further projects as we already have an excellent working relationship with the team and management.